An image of Carterton Town Centre

The Town’s Badge of Office is designed to record local outstanding features – the round red shield is the local tomato around which the green circle represents the surrounding countryside. The four bars are the Crossroads from which the town radiates, with the Eagle of St. John, the Patron Saint of Carterton Church, in the centre.

The quarter sections of the Town’s Badge of Office represent:

The Oxfordshire Ram with castle and river which is a main part of the Coat of Arms of Oxfordshire.

The lamb and flag, which is the main part of the Coat of Arms of Witney, of which rural area Carterton once was part.

The Cardinal’s Hat which is a main part of the Coat of Arms of Christchurch, Oxford. Black Bourton’s name is derived from the Black Friars who used to visit from there. A Cardinal’s Hat is carved in stone over the front door of the old vicarage at Black Bourton.

The Crest of the Royal Air Force Station at Brize Norton which has close associations with the town.

The Badge of Office worn by the Town Mayor was bought by voluntary donations provided by local associations and individuals, and by parish monies. It was presented to Carterton and Black Bourton Parish Council in April 1971.